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AIA CAD Standards

The AIA CAD standards are developed and maintained by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The most recent guidelines are the AIA CAD Layer Guidelines, 3rd Edition.

AIA Layer Guidelines

For those looking to develop and implement CAD standards and minimize the amount of work required to create layers, utilizing the AIA CAD Standards is recommended.
Some firms prefer to use their own standards that specifically meet their needs, and that works great for them.
Developing and maintaining office standards, is a time consuming process and many firms opt to utilize the AIA CAD Standards.

Some CAD software vendors, such as Autodesk®, are utilizing the AIA layers along with other standards, within the latter of the Architectural Desktop series.

If you are interested in purchasing the AIA standards directly, visit the American Institute of Architects at for more information.

For a basic overview of the AIA layers, have a look at the AIA CAD Standards that Harvard has adopted.

National CAD Standards

Another option is to purchase the AIA layer guidelines within the broader content of the National CAD Standards (NCS), otherwise know as U.S. National CAD Standard Version 3.1.

Although a more expensive option through the NCS, there are additional CAD publications included.

In addition to the AIA layering guidelines included, you also have access to the Uniform Drawing System (from the Construction Specification Institute, or, CSI) and the Tri-Service Plotting Guidelines (by the United States Department of Defense). There are also other important CAD standards documentation included.

There are three price categories for purchasing the National CAD Standards. For AIA or CSI members, the price is $250. Non-members pay $350 and students pay $175.

Visit for more information.

Bentley Systems, the makers of the Microstation CAD software program, is developing a plug-in utility to be used in conjunction with their software which integrates the National CAD Standards


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